• Kody Stewart

    Kody Stewart

    The man with the dream, the man that took the plunge. Kody is the creator and owner of Colab, pulling together the knowledge of top riders over the years to combine it into an awesome piece of kit aimed at pushing mountainboarding to the next level. He’s a damn good rider too, winning the inaugural World BoarderX Championships in 2013 and getting the silver medal in 2015 and 16. A legend of the sport and a legendary human being.

  • Matt Brind

    Matt Brind

    By far the most decorated athlete on the team and the driving force behind mountainboard progression for several years now. Matt Brind has stood atop the podium at almost every contest you can. Winning the last 3 World BX Championships from 2014-2016, the 2012 World Freestyle Championships, and taking home the UK Overall Championship for the last 8 years. He has pushed the sport on and off the track. Starring in Nitro Circus shows around the world and an essential cog in the ATBA-UK organization at home. We are extremely privileged to have him as an ambassador for the sport as well as riding a Colab beneath his feet. More about Matt Brind on his site.

  • Mason Moore

    Mason Moore

    The most progressive freestyle mountainboarder in the United States, Mason is the first US rider to land a double backflip and one of only two riders in the world to land it without heelstraps. Amongst being an extremely technical rider on any terrain, he has been able to secure a 2015 Belgian Open win as well as overall class wins in the US Open dating back to 2004-2006. Consistency is his game and it has paid off. Landing him gigs with the Nitro Circus, commercials and even a stint with the actual circus. We’re glad to have him aboard and his continual effort to push our sport. Follow him on Facebook.

  • Arno VDV

    Arno Van Den Veyver

    Arno is the pure definition of style. Everything he does is smooth and will make you wish you could do it yourself. Winning the IMA’s 2016 Trick of the year and your 2003-2012 Belgian Champion (save from 2008) proves he doesn’t mess around and has been at the top of the game for quite some time. Becoming the 2007 World Freestyle Champion and taking the 2010 European Championship top spot also shows that Arno is a world class athlete. This deck being designed with a wider stance caters to Arno’s tall stature and we look forward to seeing what new things Arno can conjure up on a Colab!

  • Mikael Gramont

    Mikael Gramont

    The master on a board and behind the screen. With many years of riding experience Mikael was a constant consultant with this process. Truly pulling this project together in the end. If you’ve never seen Mikael drop a knee and slash an old school turn then you’ve been missing out!