Colab Mountainboards. For demanding riders.

Colab started as a rider’s dream. For years we have talked about what would make mountainboards better. Different lengths, shapes, and flex patterns. We knew we wanted a deck in between the 95cm-100cm threshold, we knew we wanted concave, we knew we wanted a wider stance, and we knew we wanted stiffer decks.

So when the opportunity arose to create the perfect mountainboard, we jumped at the chance. It all came about in 2014. The race was on to create a deck as the World Championships in Serbia approached. The first decks that came off the press were soft but 2 were close enough to ride. English rider Matt Brind was given one and stood on top of the podium a mere 2 weeks after it was pressed. Then came the task to perfect it. We tried carbon, different ply ratings, and many different layups of fiberglass until the final design was agreed upon.

By then, it was time for the World Championships again, happening in Germany that year. Matt was able to defend his World Championship title again and Kody Stewart was able to secure a 2nd place, both on Colab decks.

The goal was to create a component side to the mountainboard industry. Producing only decks allows the user to mix and match or customize their setup to their liking.


Matt Brind drinking the 2016 Trophy

  • Since the first prototype, the winner of the World BoarderX Championships has been on a Colab.
  • Out of the 9 medals at the World BoarderX Championships that have been available since the very first Colab, 5 of them have gone to Colab riders.
  • In 2016, all 4 Colab riders finished in the top 10 and we’ve had 6 top 8 finishes in the past two years of the competition – double the next manufacturer.

Time and time again medals are awarded to Colab riders on national and international levels. Go faster, higher and more importantly, have more control – ride a Colab!

Come join us and ride a Colab deck!