Colab decks come in a 97.5cm length, have a 10” (25.4cm) center width, and have a ¾” (1.9cm) wider stance than the standard mountainboard deck. With these features, Colab boards are fast and stable like a 100cm deck but also light and maneuverable underfoot like a 95cm deck. Truly the best of both worlds. They are created with a progressive flex pattern so the more pressure you apply the stiffer they become. Colab is also pioneering concave foot beds. Designed to be ridden without heelstraps, these foot beds are made in a way that the concave is consistent no matter where your foot sits. We chose to keep the area between your feet free of concave in order to ensure a more consistent flex as well as a familiar feel while sliding on handrails.

Why you want a Colab deck

Underfoot concave – our decks have ¼” (6.35mm) of symmetric concave under each foot, and only under each foot! Other decks have concave across the entire deck or none at all but not us. We chose to fade out the concave and keep the center of the deck flat. Keeping the centre of the deck flat creates a predictable flex pattern and gives the rider a consistent slide surface. The concave is symmetric meaning you can place your foot anywhere within the foot bed and it will feel comfortable. Step on and get stuck on – this deck was designed with riders who don’t ride with heelstraps in mind!

Wider stance – We have chosen to widen the general mtnboard stance by ¾” (1.8cm). This reduces the spin weight of the deck as your feet are closer to the trucks and wheels. It also increases board control, responsiveness and stability, especially at speed thanks to a lower centre of gravity. The wider stance makes the deck ride like a shorter deck while maintaining the stability of a longer wheelbase.

Wider still – Not only did we spread your feet out, we’ve increased the deck coverage. The deck is wider underfoot than most others which gives you a comfortable, responsive and controlled ride. The deck is also wider in the center which equates to more strength and our progressive flex. Being stiff enough to handle the biggest impacts but with enough flex to dampen the roughest rides, you can ride longer with less fatigue.

Blank deck – Everybody has their own unique style, and that’s one of the reasons why our decks are ‘blank’ – we want you to add the stickers, sketches and graphics you like where you like and show off your unique style. Get creative with your deck and send us a picture or tag us using #colabmtb and we’ll share our favorites on our social media!

Come join us and ride a Colab deck!